C4 News and new Time Line

At Flight Design’s press conference now taking place at the Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In at Lakeland, Florida, USA, we are announcing the development schedule for our new C4 model is being adjusted and we wanted to share this news and rationale with all our Dealer partners worldwide.  This adjustment is being done to take maximum advantage of the benefits to be gained by coordinating the C4’s development and certification with the new FAA FAR 23 certification regulations now being rewritten.  The new and improved Part 23 will retain all elements that ensure safe aircraft, but will eliminate needless regulations and cumbersome requirements that serve to add unnecessary cost and time to the process, which in turn leads to today’s new aircraft being overly expensive,

By coordinating the C4’s development schedule with the streamlined Part 23 certification process, the C4 can be brought to market with the latest technologies. We now anticipate first flight of the C4 Proof-of-Concept (POC) aircraft take place around April, 2014, with certification by EASA and FAA to follow within 12-18 months.  Deliveries will commence as soon as possible following certification.

By taking this strategic move, Flight Design will be able to retain the outstanding performance parameters of the C4 while holding to our ambitious and ultra-attractive price point of 220.000 € which will serve to ensure the overall success of the C4 program .

Thank you.

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Flight Design C4 Team