The Savage Cub Glider Tow-Plane

The Savage Cub Tow Plane

The world leader LSA/Microlight Glider tow plane. Precise handling/easy to fly/superb low speed control. Highest power/weight ratio aircraft with many engine options. In use by European Gliding Clubs with an impeccable record of efficient low cost tows. German Tost tow hook system fitted as standard.


Rotax 912 S
305kg (670lbs): 100hp


3,05kg/hp (6,7 lbs/hp)


Rotax Zlin Turbo
308kg (678lbs): 120hp


2,56kg/hp (5,6 lbs/hp)


Rotax RST
310kg (682lbs): 135hp


2,29kg/hp (5 lbs/hp)


UI Power 350 IS
315kg (693lbs): 130hp


2,42kg/hp (5,3 lbs/hp)


Lycoming IO-233
326kg (718lbs): 115hp


2,83kg/hp (6,2 lbs/hp)


Lycoming IO-320 modified
370kg (814lbs): 172hp


2,15kg/hp (4,7 lbs/hp) *


Aerosport Power Engines 340
370kg (814lbs): 180hp


2,05kg/hp (4,5 lbs/hp) *


Titan Stroker 340
370kg (814lbs): 180hp


2,05kg/hp (4,5 lbs/hp) *


314kg (691lbs): 150hp


2,09kg/hp (4,6 lbs/hp) *