Let’s Talk Prices!!

One of the most important parts of the decision making process is the price. If we have established that a certain Aircraft has all the qualities of a Training Aircraft that we are looking for the final question is always  “ How Much??? “

The Flight design MC is an aircraft that has specially been designed and built with the Flying Schools and Aero-clubs in mind and is the most robust and solidly built LSA aircraft with the absolute widest cockpit in the market today.

You would expect that this would be reflected in the price, so it could come as some sort of surprise that at today’s NZ/Euro rate the Fly away price of a basic version MC is $129,000  New Zealand Dollars Exl. GST, or  $98383 Australian Dollars Exl. GST

This will make it possible for a club or school to put the latest aircraft on line for an hourly rate so competitive that we might see a new generation of flyers showing up at the door and improving your bottom line!