Flight Design CTLSi Features New Rotax Engine


Flight Design CTLSi Features New Rotax Engine

Fuel-Injected 912iS Powerplant Has Many Advantages


Leinfelden-Echterdingen, GERMANY / 9 March 2012 — Flight Design is pleased to be among the first to feature the new fuel-injected 912iS powerplant from Rotax Aircraft Engines in its just-introduced CTLSi. As the leader in the LSA segment, Flight Design is in a long-term partnership with the BRP-Powertrain distribution network.

Rotax has leaped forward allowing our new CTLSi model to achieve even more,” said Flight Design CEO Matthias Betsch. “Carburetors demand more mechanical oversight and tuning the dual carbs increases complexity. With fuel injection, balancing carbs is no longer necessary. Pilots will find increased torque, easier starting, and smoother operation. Carb ice concerns becomes a thing of the past,” reports Flight Design Technical Director Oliver Reinhardt.

Fuel injection is more precise allowing better efficiency at lower pollution levels thanks to a computer chip that constantly optimizes the air-to-fuel ratio. Most of the regular carburetors must be adjusted periodically, which also demands training. Fuel injection is more reliable and automatically compensates for altitude, which reduces pilot work load.

Using signals from several sensors fuel injection monitors engine vacuum, exhaust gas temperature, ambient air pressure, incoming air temperature, liquid coolant temperature, and throttle position to self adjust for engine condition and atmospheric conditions.

“As the LSA market leader, we are pleased to put the Rotax 912iS into production on our CTLSi and CTSLi (Supralight)” said John Doman, Director Business Development, Global Sales & Marketing for Flight Design. “However, for customers who prefer the advantages of carbureted systems this lower cost option will continue to be available.”

The CTLSi, CTSLi (Supralight) is available for immediate order. For more details be sure to visit the Flight Design space at AERO 2012 – Friedrichshafen, Germany, April 18 to 21 2012, Hall B1 – Stand 101.